Tracking price and planning trades

Is what I do for fun!

I’m here to share what I’ve learned and help you trade with better trade setups and better logic.

Tracking price and planning trades is what I do for fun!

I’m here to share what I’ve learned and help you trade with better trade setups and better logic.

Hi, I’m Jennifer.

I’ve been trading Forex since 2001. I developed my strategy with a focus on specific repeatable patterns that can be found across the major currency pairs at approximately the same time every day.

The trick is knowing what you’re looking for, and knowing that you may not find it every day. The market moves in repeatable patterns. When I identify the process of getting from one pattern to the next, I can anticipate with high probability the the market’s next move, and approximately how long it will take to get there.

When the market moves with agreement, trends emerge. When there is indecision or lack of agreement, ranges emerge. I look for indication of market sentiment as I prepare to trade within the trend or range patterns. There is evidence left behind as change in price either supports continuation in one direction or results in rapid reversals.

The secret to my success in trading is focus. In Forex there are countless possibilities with countless currency pairs, time frames, strategies, indicators, and techniques for trading (or simply guessing). When I was a student of Forex, I wanted to learn them all. I became a professional trader when I had the maturity to focus one strategy, my strategy, and I trade it perfectly. I am a specialist, and I don’t deviate or add to my methods.

Here is a fact. Markets trend and markets range. There is nothing else. My strategy clearly distinguishes trends from ranges by counting price bars in relation to their proximity to moving averages. When I got that right, I starting identifying the most effective area for trading within the trend or range pattern.

When you’re no longer guessing and needing to be “right”, you start being ready to trade the patterns you know. When you’re ready to stop being distracted, I will help you find your focus, too.


Forex trading is more than my hobby, it’s my business.

I Trade Forex

I trade “The majors,” mostly EUR/USD, every morning between 7:00 and 11:30 am Eastern Time. I love to see the patterns emerge as the day begins.

I Build Custom Indicators

I build custom indicators and trading programs to make it easier to identify and trade my strategies. You can use them too. No extra charge.

I Teach

I love to teach trading strategies. I also occasionally take on a private student for more in depth development of Forex trading as a personal business.

Your Success
Brings Me Happiness.

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What Clients Say

Some kind words from respected clients


“Jennifer is your ‘edge’ over the market. She has developed a system and tools that easily give you an edge in the market. Her system is simple and repeatable. If you are ready to commit to being a professional and not a hobbyist – Jennifer will be the best tool you add to your trader toolbox. Not only does she teach you how to trade her system, she teaches you how to be successful with that system.”



“Jennifer is straightforward with her approach and skips all the distracting hyperbole that many others in this field seem to leverage. Her repeatable system has been developed through many years of refinement and it truly works! She is one of the very best forex traders/coaches in the business.”